Who in Bethel Park is…

Lynn Duda: Bally’s Master Trainer has Kept Bethel Park Fit for
Close to a Quarter Century

Originally appeared in the BP Courier Vol. III, Number I
by Astrid Cook
Reprinted with Permission

Lynn Duda is a woman ahead of her time. To look at her, you see a youthful sprite of boundless energy that belies her age. The poster gal for fitness, she also could be representative for the latest trend among women: Stay – At – Home mom/ entrepreneurs.

Back in 1981, when most women were making the difficult choice between having a long-sought-after career or having a family, Duda decided she wanted both. Together with neighborhood friend Linda Turocy, she formed Linz-Exergetics, Inc., named for the two “Lins”: Lynn and Linda.

“Linda moved in from California after being a Baldwin High School grad,” Lynn explained. “We wanted to be at home for our families but have careers, too. The aerobic craze was going on out there and we thought, ‘we can do this.'”

Their resumes were strikingly similar: The sole of their physical fitness backgrounds was as a Bethette (and the Baldwin High equivalent). Actually, Duda was Head Bethette in 1966. So what made her think she could launch a successful physical fitness company?

Those who attended the first class might have wondered the same. “We started with a Fisher Price record player,” Lynn laughs. “We just took records in and switched them.” But despite appearances to the contrary, the two women were savvy business women. Both took classes on fitness and were certified in many areas. Today, Lynn holds certifications from the American Council of Exercise, the Yoga Alliance, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, and she is a Reiki Master.

Which gave rise to a massage business in 2000. “I really enjoy giving massages,” she said. “So much of what I do is pushing people. It’s nice to make them relax.”

Her business has survived changes in America’s exercise patterns and the death of her partner from breast cancer. She thought about changing the name of the company about 10 years ago when Linda passed away, but continuity is important to Lynn. After nearly 25 years, she has actually taught three generations from the same family. “So many of my clients have been around so long, they feel like family,” she said.

And now – in addition to teaching an average of two classes a day at various Bethel Park locales – Lynn has been chosen as one of 15 national master trainers for Bally’s. She was chosen from among 350 applicants and will be travelling the country to train other yoga instructors for the company.

So don’t expect this life-long Bethel Park resident to slow down soon. At a time of life when other people her age are considering retirement. Lynn’s still busy “having it all.” Linz-Exergetics offers classes in aerobics, aerobics with ball and yoga at John McMillan Presbyterian Church and the Bethel Park Community Center.