Massage Therapy is more than just a “feel good” relaxant.  By manipulating the soft tissues of the body, massage can revitalize the body and relieve physical and emotional stress, chronic pain, muscle tension, and headaches.

Relax and watch experience your stress level decrease with either a 60 minutes or 90 minutes massage.  Your privacy is respected at all times.

Massages are by appointment only. Contact Lynn to schedule a massage.

Massage Rates

60 minutes massage – $70

90 minutes massage- $100

Gift certificates available for all occasions.

Services Offered

Swedish Massage: Traditionally a full body massage which is relaxing and rejuvenating.  Effleurage, petrissage, and friction are some techniques and employed.  Some deep tissue work may be used to target specific areas.

Sports Massage:  Sports massage is a specialized massage designed to prepare an athlete for an upcoming event or to help the athlete recover from a recent event.  Techniques are used to help restore muscle balance and remove toxins from the body.

Relaxation Massage:  A light, rhythmic massage to reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle tension.  Soothing background music, designed for relaxation, is played.

Reiki:  Reiki is the channeling of energy known as Universal Life Healing Force through the practitioner’s hands to the client.  The practitioner’s hands are placed on or above the body and the client can remain fully clothed.  This flow of energy helps balance the client’s energy in an attempt to restore health through the body’s own power of healing.

Massage with Reiki:  A combination of massage blended with Reiki.  By combining Reiki with massage, some clients are able to relax more and then are able to allow their bodies to heal on all levels of their being: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Reflexology:  Reflexology is the stimulation of particular points on the foot that reflect to corresponding sites on the body in an effort to restore energy channels throughout the body for optimal health.

Cupping: Cupping can lift tissues, bathing them in fluids, rehydrating the fascial structures.  Cupping is lovely when combined with other forms of massage, such as Swedish.

Massages are by appointment only. Contact Lynn to schedule a massage.