Through awareness of the body, mind and breath, Yoga helps us focus and become more physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally balanced.  Practicing Yoga can improve muscle strength and endurance, while increasing flexibility.  The breathing techniques can improve concentration and are effective tools in stress reduction.

Lynn’s Yoga classes are rooted in Hatha and Vinyasa flow.  She teaches a variety of styles and levels appropriate for beginners, those with moderate fitness level, and those who love to be challenged.

Lynn is tremendously grateful to all of her Yoga teachers for their support throughout the years.

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Light & Easy:
Feeling stressed? This Level 1, Beginner Yoga Class is for those new to yoga, for those recovering from an injury or those who want to slow their practice down to learn proper body alignment.  This gentle class focuses on stretching, common standing and seated yoga poses, light balance and relaxation. We end with relaxation/meditation.

Level 1:
Level 1 Yoga is moderately paced, taught in all-level flowing sequencing. This class builds on Sun Salutations, standing and seated postures. .  It is a non-competitive class where students work at their individual level to increase strength, flexibility and balance.   We end with relaxation/meditation.

Level 2:
Level 2 is perfect for students willing and able to build on their yoga practice.  This class focuses on Sun Salutations and postures to increase balance, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance.  It’s an enjoyable yoga flow class, which ends with relaxation and a light meditation.

Private Yoga Training:
Lynn is available to teach one to one yoga.  Private yoga training is an excellent way to begin your yoga practice or to refine you poses.  Group classes are great, but in private sessions the teacher focuses on you alone. This can take your yoga practice to a deeper level. Contact Lynn to schedule a private session.

The method of meditation Lynn teaches is Mindfulness Meditation.  This form of meditation teaches us to move inward, practicing non-attachment to thoughts and distractions, and to develop the ability to concentrate. Calmness, inner stability, clarity and strength of mind are some of the benefits of this practice.

View Lynn’s class schedule.


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